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Juxtaposition of small and large in central Tokyo

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sharing images of Tokyo with @citiesforpeople

Human scale in mega cities - photos taken in Minami Azabu where I lived for 3 years - the walk to my children's school.

 Tiny car mechanics next to shops and restaurants.
 Mini tyre garage.
Teeny tiny corner garden flower bed.
 Washing hanging out to dry - no tumble dryers even in tiny appartments.
 Small car parked off road in tiny space beside small house with flowerpots.
 Always space for plants and bike parking even when no pavement or side walk,
 Miniscule fishing club in central Tokyo - overlooked by 2 storey detached houses.
 Corrugated metal single storey dwelling - probably 25 square metres) - includes planters, washing line and possible fishing rods.
 No terraces in Tokyo because of earth quakes - even first floor appartments have washing lines.
 Immaculate mini garden - all in pots with trellis - at the front door of this house.

Mini police station - every few hundred metres - a police station in case you lose something or have an emergency.  Manned by  polite unformed policeman (with bike).

Small wooden house between modern apartment blocks.

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